Collections of tiles
Presentation of all our collections available in the permanent offer
The newest tiles in our offer which you might not know about.
Custom tiles and crests
We accomplish custom tiles and crests based on graphic designs, own materials, etc. Crests are created by an expert in the field. We can produce your tiles....  
Decorated and painted tiles
We offer a possibility of decorating a relief with gold, platinum or any selected glaze colour. Also on each tile, we can paint any graphic material provided.
Reconstruction tiles and stoves
We have a technical capability to reconstruct museum, heritage tiles and stoves from any period of the history of art and design. We accomplish reconstructions of stove ceramics on individual requests...
TermoKaust stove
Heat-storing chamotte stove TermoKaust® is an environment-friendly heating device using solid fuel. Its construction is based on a rich stove-fitting tradition of Poland. Construction of device APSz12...
Ceramic elements
Full offer of decorative and functional ceramic elements available at the Tilery.
Offer of miniatures of tile stoves – collector’s editions Rogalin
Projects and tiled coverings
Ready-to-use tiled covering projects, available in a full colour scheme